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How to Care for a Tooth Filling.

How to Care for a Tooth Filling.

Dental care

Setting time for your filling : Figure out how long it takes your filling to set. There are several types of dental fillings and each takes a different amount of time to set. During this time you should be especially careful not to inflict any damage on the filling.

Pain medication : Ask your dentist if you need to take pain medication to manage sensitivity after filling treatment. Follow your dentist’s instructions for taking pain relievers after a filling.

Food and beverages : Your mouth will feel numb for a few hours after a filling because of the anaesthetic administration. If you can, avoid eating and drinking until the anesthetic wears off so that you don’t injure yourself.

Very hot and cold foods and drinks : Your teeth and the filling will likely be sensitive for a few days after the procedure. Avoid consuming foods and drinks that are very hot or very cold to control sensitivity and pain, and also that might damage your filling.

Hard and sticky foods : Try to avoid foods that are hard,chewy, or sticky for a few days after a filling. Foods such as candies, granola bars, and raw vegetables can cause problems, including pulling out the filling.

Chew on the opposite side : When you finally start eating, make sure to chew on the opposite side of your mouth to the filling for a day or two. This will help ensure that the filling sets properly and does not get damaged.

High points : Because the dentist “fills” a tooth, it is possible that he adds too much material to the filling site. Check for the high points in the filling by gently biting down. Contact your dentist if you feel any high points to prevent fracturing your filling.

Contact your dentist : If you notice any issues with your teeth, mouth, or filling, contact your dentist. This will help ensure that there are not underlying issues and may prevent further damage to your teeth.


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